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In the beginning of a relationship, conversation seems endlessly varied and interesting. It's effortless. But years in, it feels like those interactions are reduced to just a few basic topics that we revisit again and again. Did you sleep well? How's work? Can you take the kids to soccer practice this week? What do you want for dinner? 

How can that be? We still have experiences. Thoughts. Goals. Hopes! Why don't we talk about them?

We blame it on the nature of our busy lives, but often the problem is that we're too guarded to share. We don't trust our partner's reaction. There's a lack of intimacy.

Intimate relationships are safe places where we...

  • Feel loved and respected
  • ​Share our deepest fears and greatest dreams
  • Are supported through challenges and change
  • ​Remain open and curious
  • Have the space and encouragement to grow

Deeply connected relationships require strong foundations. And the cornerstone of every relationship's foundation is well-understood boundaries.

Do you want a closer relationship?


Did your chest tighten a bit when you read that word? You're not alone. For a lot of us, the thought of implementing boundaries brings up images that are the polar opposite of intimacy. Tension. Conflict. Disrespect.

You know what? That's actually the result of NOT having effective boundaries.

Try this: Imagine handing your loved ones an instruction manual titled How to Love Me.

All the details they need to make you feel understood and cherished in a handy little book. Think about how amazing it would be if they gave you one in return! No guessing about what makes the other person feel seen and heard. No confusion when your good intentions are misread or dismissed. This is what clearly communicated boundaries do. They're the blueprints that show us how to build a beautiful, strong relationship. They lay out the requirements to create a nourishing environment in which everyone can thrive. 

Good news, friend! You CAN set effective boundaries. It may be challenging and uncomfortable, but there's a simple process you can use to unlock this important relationship skill.

I want to give you the keys.

I'm Stacy Rocklein. I've taken the boundary work I teach my one-on-one clients and membership participants and created this step-by-step guide to help you get the loving support you deserve in all your relationships.

In Loving Boundaries, you'll learn:

  • Critical pre-boundary questions: How to know when a boundary is the right course of action (And when it isn't!)
  • Boundary delivery guidelines: The exact formula for communicating boundaries as painlessly as possible
  • Post boundary mindsets: What to do afterward so you don't slide backwards or suffer a boundary hangover

When we communicate and enforce our boundaries, we show up for ourselves, create a safe space for vulnerability, and lay the foundation for true intimacy.

With Loving Boundaries you'll receive:

  • Video, audio, and transcript versions for each of the four trainings
  • Accompanying exercises in workbook format
  • Unlimited access to the course

Training 1: Assess the Situation

Training 1: 
Assess the Situation

  • How to use the four-part boundary setting process to open up and deepen your relationships
  • When to choose a boundary versus a less definitive strategy for communicating your needs
  • How to create a circle of safety that will protect you and the relationship from harmful behavior

Training 2: Gather the Tools

Training 2: 
Gather the Tools

  • How to choose the perfect action to take when your boundary is violated so you feel kind and loving but firm
  • How to plan your communication so you'll avoid violations and future boundary conversations
  • ​How to stop the cycle of resentment that comes from asking over and over and being ignored

Training 3: Put it All Together!

Training 3: 
Put it All Together!

  • Six guidelines to follow for the best boundary communication possible
  • How to write a script that will ensure peaceful and successful conversation
  • ​How to avoid common mistakes that undermine boundary setting

Training 4: Care and Maintenance

Training 4: 
Care and Maintenance

  • How to manage normal feelings, like fear and guilt, that show up when we set boundaries
  • How to rebound from conversations that don't go smoothly so you can approach the boundary again instead of giving up
  • ​How to use boundary setting as a relationship building practice

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Our relationships are meant to be harmonious, deeply connected, and fun. They really are. But we have to be able to talk about our needs to get there.

Your people want you to feel loved and supported. 
The easiest way for them to do that is for you to tell them how. 

Your people want you to feel loved and supported. 

The easiest way for them to do that is for you to tell them how. 

Are you ready to foster the intimacy you desire and deserve?

Invest in yourself AND your relationship. 
Unlimited access to four trainings and accompanying workbook for only $97

Stacy Rocklein is a relationship coach, wife of 25+ years, and mom of three. She's on a mission to eradicate loneliness and has helped hundreds of women, just like you, who are unwilling to settle for "good enough" relationships.
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